All of your metrics in one platform with effortless reporting.

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Automatic engagement tracking, no dev required.

Everything hosted in IdealPath is automatically tracked with robust analytics. Get click maps, call to action ranking, and engagement all without coding.

Grow your business with marketing automation publishing tools and generate new leads.
Spend less time and money on manual tasks with marketing automation campaigns.

Create metrics that matter to your business.

Easily create custom metrics to ensure you are making progress towards the goals that matter most to your business.

Automatic reporting for websites, emails, and campaigns.

From first touch to sale, find out how much your marketing efforts are worth with multi-channel attribution across the entire customer journey.

Discover what your customers need most with our robust CRM.

Automatic reporting for websites, emails, and campaigns.

Save time and energy with our built in reports. All content created in IdealPath automatically generates reports based on customer engagement and use metrics to track progress of your business goals.

email and campaign reporting and analytics

Hundreds of incredible features, all-in-one easy to use package.

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Website Analytics

Track views, bounces, ranking, & more for websites.

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Campaign Analytics

Track enrollment, activity, engagement, & more.

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Email Analytics

Track sends, opens, clicks, & more for every email.

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Automatic Reporting

All analytics automatically create robust reports.

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Engagement Tracking

Track user activity from first touch to purchase.

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ROI Tracking

Discover the value of your marketing with ROI tracking.

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Multi-Channel Attribution

Track user interactions from first touch to purchase.

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Click Heat Mapping

Visualize how customers interact with click heat maps.

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A/B Split Testing

Test all of your ideas with A/B experiments. 

Best of all? We offer pricing that scales with your business needs.

Plans Include

  • Core API for custom editors
  • Multi-tenant account support
  • White-label content management
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Phone Support
  • Custom Feature Integration
  • All features included
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Campaigns
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Deliver content to any device or website anywhere, anytime.


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Understand your customer needs with one-to-one marketing.


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Convert prospects to customers with multi-channel campaigns.