How to Use Twitter for Recruiting [Infographic]

Andrea Fryrear on Social Media Marketing

Twitter is a powerful tool that recruiters and HR professionals can use to fill open positions by networking and growing their candidate pool, all without breaking the bank.

This great infographic from AkkenCloud shows you why you should be using Twitter to make your next hire, along with the best ways to engage potential employees.

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How to Use Twitter for Recruiting

Via AkkenCloud

Twitter may not be the first place a human resources professional or recruiter thinks to search for new hires, but it’s becoming an increasingly popular and effect channel.

Currently, 58% of job seekers are using Twitter in the search, and 76% look at company profiles for opportunities.

Using Twitter Chats for Recruiting

Twitter chats, regular gatherings centered around a specific topic, are a great source of strong candidates.

By joining these chats recruiters can:

  • Discover and connect with talent
  • Follow up with talent for interviews
  • Encourage the participation of existing employees
  • Share job postings and promote their brand
  • Use popular hashtags to get increased visibility for openings

Popularity of Finding Candidates on Twitter

One hundred and seventy four of the Fortune 500 (35%) have Twitter accounts dedicated solely to recruiting.

Of those 174 accounts, 64% tweet one to three times per day.

For top companies looking for top talent, Twitter is a popular and fruitful spot to look.

In fact, back in November of 2013 there were 15 new jobs posted on Twitter every minute!

Why Job Seekers are on Twitter

There are many reasons that people enter the Twitterverse, but for job seekers the trends are obvious:

  • 76% look at a company profile
  • 55% follow a company’s account
  • 34% search for job-specific hashtags
  • 34% apply for tweeted job postings
  • 33% communicate with companies or recruiters

Tips For Better Recruiting on Twitter

Finding strong candidates on Twitter doesn’t have to be complicated. By simply treating it like a virtual networking event human resources professionals will be off on the right foot.

They can also make a point of joining relevant chats to spread the word about their openings; if the chat you’re looking for doesn’t exist, it’s easy to set one up.

Finally, make sure your tweeting schedule is giving you the best chance of reaching the right applicant. Post at least once a day using your recruiting account, and be sure to schedule retweets at different hours so you can reach people who are on the network at different times of the day.