How To Begin Your Reign As A Social Media Czar

Heidi Haskell on Social Media Marketing

Recently our marketing team decided to start incorporating more employees’ voices into our social media accounts, some of whom have never tweeted or liked anything in their lives.

To relieve some of the pressure and make the project more fun, we’ve created weekly rotating Social Media Czars.

To test it out, they asked me to be the Social Media Czar guinea pig.

Here’s what I did on a daily basis, as well as some tips that I picked up along the way.

Twitter: Provide Engaging Content

There’s a lot happening on Twitter. If someone is not signed into Twitter at the time that you made a post, they most likely will not see it. Your post also has a great deal of competition since there are many posts happening at all times. If you’re going to tweet, it’s got to be engaging, valuable, and at the peak times that your audience is on twitter.

Twitter’s Daily Duties 

  • In the morning, I choose all of the articles I’d like to post for the day. I aim for at least four: two new articles of our own, one old article of our own, and one curated article.
  • Once I have all of my articles, I schedule them in Buffer (A great posting tool!)
  • Throughout the day, I’ll check notifications and messages on our Twitter Account and make any necessary replies.
  • Attend any relevant twitter chats (these might be a weekly event).
  • Read articles from other respected sources for curated content.
  • Look for more respected sources to follow to build community and gain more curated content.

Curated Content Is A Good Thing

Curated content is important because it helps supplement the flow of content your team can produce. It also helps to keep your followers engaged and expands your own knowledge base.

Retweet and Tag Etiquette

When someone tags you, it means that they’ve mentioned you. This will appear in your notifications, where you can reply if you’d like.

It’s a good practice for you to tag (@) your source so that they receive notification that you’ve shared their content. When you tag someone, it will appear as a post on your twitter feed. All of your followers will see it, so be careful with these.

If someone has retweeted you, it means that they have chosen to repost your tweet. There are two ways to do this. The first way is to select the retweet button beneath the tweet itself. You can see this below, within the red square of the article that I retweeted from MarketerGizmo.


retweet example


The second way is to type “RT” and then tag your source, following with the original tweet that you’d like to retweet. Here’s an example, tweeted by MarketerGizmo:




Posting Tips: hashtags, headlines, and pictures

If someone is not following you, hashtags are the only way they will see your posting. This is one way to get new followers. If they like the article you shared with a particular hashtag, they may follow you.

You can use as many hashtags as you’d like in a tweet, as long as you leave around 10 of your allotted 140 characters behind. This allows room for people to share your article with their followers by retweeting.

Appealing headlines are very important! When you post on twitter, all people will see is your headline and your hashtags, so be as creative as you’d like.

You can upload pictures if you want to, but most people don’t. Twitter is meant to get short bursts of information quickly. Pictures are best used only when impactful. Our CEO, Christian Vanek, tweeted a good example of this.






Something helpful that I learned is that you can use a hashtag to continue/clarify a thought. For example, one twitter headline I used was “Do it before lunch“. I used a hashtag to let everyone know that I was referring to creativity.


do it before1


You’ll also see that I used @AndreaFryrear and @MarketerGizmo, because I was referencing an article that Andrea wrote for MarketerGizmo. I was also able to slip in the trending hashtag for the day, #GoodAdviceIn4Words, because it directly related to Marketergizmo.

Trending hashtags can be found on the home page of your twitter account. It’s good to be aware of what’s trending for the day but don’t focus on your energy on it.

If you have something to say that’s related to your company and the trending hashtag, then use it. Otherwise, leave that tag alone.

Attend Twitter Chats To Extend Your Reach

Twitter chats are great way to network, gather, and share information on various topics. There will be one person who runs the chat and asks the questions that everyone will be responding to.

Make sure that you respond in a way that will be valuable to your followers who may not be a part of your chat. All of your followers will see all of your responses. Try to space out your tweets in the chat so that you are not annoying your followers by bombarding them with your thoughts.

To make your chat experience easier, enter the hashtag of your chat here You can also find more information on twitter chats in our Marketer’s Guide To Twitter Chats Article.

Facebook: Make Meaningful, Non-Sales-Driven Relationships

Facebook is a place to share your company culture, original articles, and connect with companies that may be interested in your product.

Facebook’s Daily Duties

  • Focus on 2-3 posts a week
  • I’ll post about events we took part in, anything related to our company culture, as well as both new and old SurveyGizmo/MarketerGizmo articles.
  • Go through new trial customer list and search for companies by email domains
  • Like and/or comment on company page to build relationship
  • Respond to any messages, notifications, and posts on your timeline

Posting Tips: Hashtags, Headlines, and Pictures 

When posting articles on facebook, people will see your article title and a brief description, so you’ll want to add a little somethin’ somethin’ that adds to the title and makes people want to read your article. You can also use hashtags on Facebook. I usually use #marketergizmo when posting a MarkterGizmo article on our SurveyGizmo Page.

Pictures are definitely a must on Facebook. If you have them, use them!

Keep in mind that when posting on facebook, you can post or Like as yourself or as your company page. You must remember to toggle to your company page, otherwise you may end up posting as yourself accidentally (It will always default back to yourself when visiting other user pages).  The screen shot below shows that I’ve clicked on the toggle button and selected to post as SurveyGizmo.




Make Connections With Trial Customer Companies

Facebook can be a great platform to build more of a human connection with your potential customers.  One way to become a contributing member of the gift economy is by offering the gift of a compliment on their company facebook page.  This provides a great review that their potential customers will see.  Our article What Marketers Need To Know About The Gift Economy provides further information.

To make non-sales-driven connections you could grab a list of your trial customers for the day or previous day. Scan the list for company email domains. Search for the company names in Facebook.

When you find the company, toggle to post as your company, then like the page and give them a compliment. Make it honest, and make it completely about them. Do not mention your company at all.

Scan their facebook page and/or website, and find something nice to say. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. A simple like will suffice.

If trial customers do not have a role in your business, you could also perform the same task with your lead contact information, or email addresses that have been collected in-store.

This can all be a lot of fun because you’re planting the seeds to relationships and seeing if they grow!

LinkedIn: Make Industry Connections

LinkedIn is a place to network and make connections in your industry.  It can also be a great place to collect information from resources in your field.

LinkedIn’s Daily Duties

  • Post original articles once a day
  • Reply to any comments

Posting Tips: Professional Tone and Content

It’s important to keep a professional tone and provide original content that will benefit your audience. You’ll want to keep company culture postings to Facebook.

Users will see your title and description, so be sure to add something catchy to your headline that grabs attention.

Keep in mind that you cannot comment as your company page in LinkedIn groups. You can only comment as yourself.

LinkedIn Pulse is a great area to provide your original content, just be aware that it will be coming from your personal profile.

Social High Tech and Low Tech Tools

  • Buffer is a great tool to use to post to all social media channels at once.




  • Tweetdeck is also a tool you can use to keep track of particular hashtag postings, notifications, and postings by those you are following.




  • It’s helpful to use a Google Spreadsheet to organize your posting schedule for the week for each channel.




  • To give yourself something to strive for and to keep track of new tweets, followers, comments, etc, we like to use social media reward charts. We get a sticker for every earned item (the best part!). Here’s an example of our Facebook Reward Chart.




Final Thoughts On Social Media Czarring

Providing valuable content and pursuing active followers takes a good amount of time and energy. Focus on fun and share the power. This should be a team effort.

Having one Czar reign over Facebook and LinkedIn for the week, and another Czar controlling Twitter is proving to be a more efficient delegation of power.

Social media Czarring is not going to provide an immediate ROI, however, you will see more engagement and possible conversions over time as your audience grows. 

Having your marketing team keep tabs on and participate in your social media channels will help to keep them aware of the latest news in your industry and allow them to provide valuable, insider information which will help grow your audience.