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Luke Gorski on Social Media Marketing

Social MediaWhat are some examples of the best social media marketing?

What does effective social media marketing actually look like?

These are questions many clients just starting their content marketing efforts typically ask.

The reality is few brands have invested sufficient time and resources to create effective social media marketing campaigns that actually grow their businesses.

In this lesson, you will examine two effective social media strategies: one from the world-renowned IKEA brand, and the second from entrepreneur and social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk.

Both approaches have resulted in increased website visits and social media followings. As you read about each strategy, remember that the best social media marketing provides value to those who consume it.

What Is Content Marketing?

Both IKEA and Gary Vaynerchuk apply content marketing within their social media efforts. Content marketing is the practice of attracting attention by providing valuable audio, visual, and written content. Most times, this content is freely distributed.

Valuable content is at the heart of every successful social media marketing campaign. This value can come in the form of entertainment, education, motivation, and inspiration. As you’ll see below, both IKEA’s and Gary Vaynerchuk’s content is a combination of all four of these elements.

Why Is Social Media Marketing Important?

Social media marketing is important because that is where the attention of your buyers resides. Information and entertainment have become commoditized and are available to anyone with a smartphone or computer.

Unfettered access to the Internet disrupted traditional advertising by television, billboards, and the radio. No longer will your buyers be forced to watch a commercial if they don’t have to. With the swipe of a finger, they access social media, Google, and unlimited sources of entertainment.

For your buyers to become aware of your product or service, you must capture their attention by becoming a part of the social media content they consume. This does not mean sharing photos and videos of your products, as most brands do. It means creating content that entertains, educates, inspires, or motivates them.

So, the good news: most brands and organizations do a poor job of marketing on social media. This leaves you with opportunity to be the first to produce relevant content for buyers around your business.

How Do I “Do” Content Marketing on Social Media?

Content marketing on social media varies by social platform: content that works on one platform may not necessarily translate well to another. The rest of this lesson will examine two social media marketing examples that give you and your marketing team a better understanding of content marketing principles.

IKEA’s Content Marketing Strategy

Ikea Home Tour

IKEA #HomeTour Campaign

Company: IKEA USA

Instagram: 1.5 MM Followers

Facebook: 26MM Likes

YouTube: 234K Subscribers

Pinterest: 502K Followers

The first social media marketing example is IKEA’s outstanding HOME TOUR campaign. This content marketing strategy was focused on creating “wow!” moments that typically come from seeing the before and after comparisons of home makeovers (Ty Pennington and ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition come to mind).

Launched in 2014, IKEA invited shoppers to apply or nominate friends and family who needed an IKEA mini-makeover of a room in their home. IKEA documented each renovation and created a video series to be used across their social media channels. Let’s break down their content marketing strategy:

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Dedicated Microsite

IKEA created a dedicated microsite for their HOME TOUR content. Buyers who want to learn more about each design project can go and view full makeover videos, find the exact IKEA products used in each project, meet the HOME TOUR team, and even apply to have their own mini-makeover.

IKEA’s microsite also features short TIPS AND TRICKS videos designed for anyone interested in undertaking a redesign of a space in their home. Even if you don’t purchase IKEA products, you can still get valuable information by visiting their HOME TOUR microsite.

YouTube Content

IKEA documents each makeover with a 3-5-minute video. These short videos are the “pillar content” that is then repurposed for its other social media channels. These videos introduce the owners, share their stories, and capture the before and after of the redesigned space. Each video is overlaid with product names and prices, features a total costs table, and ends with a call to action to visit the HOME TOUR microsite to view more makeover videos.

Instagram Content

IKEA creates before and after photo slideshows for their 1.5MM Instagram followers. Their TIPS AND TRICKS videos are short enough to be shared as Instagram content.

Facebook Content

IKEA natively posts full episodes of the HOME TOUR videos onto their Facebook page. This allows them to take advantage of Facebook’s video platform and content sharing capabilities. Natively uploading each video instead of sharing a YouTube link increases their organic reach, and makes it easier for buyers to enjoy their content.

Pinterest Infographics

To create content for their Pinterest followers, IKEA creates infographics that showcase the redesigned spaces along with the pieces used in each project. Clicking the infographic takes potential buyers to the HOME TOUR microsite. Their TIPS AND TRICKS videos are also repurposed into step-by-step infographics.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Content Marketing

Gary Vaynerchuk

#AskGaryVee Show

Company: Gary Vaynerchuk & VaynerMedia

Instagram: 3.4 MM Followers

Facebook: 2.8MM Likes

YouTube: 1.3MM Subscribers

Medium: 285K Followers

Podcast: Top 100 Global

Gary Vaynerchuk built his brand on social media. The #AskGaryVee Show was launched in 2014 to provide valuable content and education to aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to follow in his footsteps. The show has a very basic premise: Gary answers business questions from fans.

What makes the social media marketing of #AGVS outstanding is that it’s not a sales tactic to sell books, or to get new clients. It is designed to provide value and build a brand, no strings attached.

Like IKEA’s marketing team, Gary’s team creates video content of each #AGVS episode and repurposes it into written, audio, and visual content across his social media channels. Let’s break down Gary Vaynerchuk’s social media marketing strategy:

Dedicated Microsite

Gary and his team built a dedicated landing page/microsite to house all #AGVS video content. Videos on the landing page are searchable by keyword, making it easier for his followers to search his massive video library, which is nearing 300 episodes. Even though a landing page exists, Gary doesn’t promote it often. Instead, he allows his viewers to get the most value from his content without having to exit Facebook or Instagram.

Viewers can watch his videos, read his articles, and listen to his audio content right on the social platform they’re on. This creates less friction for content consumption.

YouTube Content

All #AskGaryVee Show videos are housed on YouTube. Episodes are organized into a playlist, and that playlist is featured on his channel homepage. Since the format of the show is answering multiple questions per show, videos are cut and repurposed into shorter video content.

Facebook Content

Instead of posting YouTube links to his Facebook page, Gary’s marketing team natively uploads episodes of the #AskGaryVee Show to Facebook. Shorter video excerpts are repurposed as square 1:1 videos, and feature a title and captions. This optimizes each video for Facebook’s video platform.

Since it is mainly consumed on mobile devices, square and vertical videos result in the best use of mobile screen real estate, and video titles and captions ensure videos that autoplay without sound capture audience attention.

Instagram Content

Videos from the #AskGaryVee Show are repurposed into square 1:1 videos. Quotes from the #AGVS are repurposed into quote pics and shared on Instagram (and Facebook). Some audio clips from the podcast are also turned into 60-second video clips that create awareness around Gary’s podcast.

Podcast Content

Every episode of the #AskGaryVee Show is repurposed into a piece of audio content on Gary Vaynerchuk’s podcast, The GaryVee Audio Experience. This increases the reach of his video content by catering to audience members who prefer to listen to content instead of watching videos.

Medium Articles

Select episodes from the #AskGaryVee show are transcribed and repurposed into 5-10 minutes articles on A single article may include content from several #AGVS episodes, and be supplemented with additional and original content, including graphics and images.


Both IKEA and Gary Vaynerchuk realize that their social media followers want to be educated, inspired, motivated, and entertained. Their social media marketing strategies work because they’ve their buyers and fans ahead of their bottom line.

They have put their buyers first, and they’ve been rewarded with millions of followers, engaged and passionate fans, and, most importantly, brands that will generate sales.


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