GDPR for Small Business: Quick Guide

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If you are a small business and have a mailing list, or a website that collects information from your customers, today’s lesson is important. After reading this post, you will have a better understanding of: Why GDPR came into effect, What qualifies as personal data and How to prepare your small business for GDPR. Continue Reading

Top Marketing Trends for SaaS

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AI, Machine Learning, and Chatbots: The Latest in SaaS Marketing

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The best marketers are the ones who never stop exploring what improvements can help marketing and sales. And right now, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) offer many opportunities for faster and easier strategies. Continue Reading

5 SaaS Startups Business Strategies

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If you aspire to make the best SaaS products and grow your brand into a recognized cloud service, there are strategies to keep in mind. Here are five SaaS best practices and the companies that used them to earn their success. Continue Reading

How to Write for SaaS Blogs

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Writing content is both art and science. If you want to ensure that your blog content will generate leads and establish your credibility, there are techniques that can help your blog stand out. Continue Reading

SaaS Marketing 101: Automation Tools Every Business Needs

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Marketing automation is one of the best ways to increase company efficiency. If there are tasks that can be completed automatically, your team can proceed to doing other things. Continue Reading

SaaS Marketing 101: Conversion Rate Optimization

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Conversion measures all have the same goal, which is to increase the profit and growth of any business. Continue Reading

SaaS Marketing 101: Lead Generation Strategies

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Lead generation is just one part of your overall marketing strategy. There are many channels for SaaS companies, and many undiscovered avenues full of potential. As lead generation entails diversifying tactics and resources, experimentation is key towards an informed and customized marketing approach. Continue Reading

Building a SaaS Marketing Plan

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Marketing an abstract product that is constantly evolving and has a lot of competition? That’s certainly a challenging task if there ever was one. Continue Reading