The 5 Ts of a Successful Email Nurture Campaign

Liz Millikin on

As we overhaul our existing nurture campaign, we are keeping these five Ts in mind, ensuring that our emails are: Targeted, Tailored, Timed, Tracked, Tested. Continue Reading

5 Key Pieces of Effective Email Design

Lisa Cook on

In this post, we explore tactics for maximizing the five components of great emails: Subject Line, Preview Text, Sender Name, Email Body, Visual Design. Continue Reading

Using the Psychology of Email Addiction for Marketing

Andrea Fryrear on

Whether you’re setting up email marketing for the first time or focusing on a brand new email marketing strategy, understanding your subscribers’ behavior is a great way to create impactful campaigns. One of the most common email-related behaviors is the compulsive inbox checking known as email addiction. Continue Reading

Benchmark Email Click Through Rates (CTR) by Industry

Andrea Fryrear on

It can be overwhelming trying to benchmark email performance with all the data that’s available around the internet. To simplify the process, we’ve put together this report on email click through rates by industry. Continue Reading

Tips to Create Email Subscribers From Your Content Audience

Christian Vanek on

With the advent of social media, you might assume that email marketing is a thing of the past. But that could not be less true. Email marketing should be a central pillar of your content marketing strategy. Continue Reading

5 Best and Worst Words for Email Subject Lines

Lisa Cook on

Writing that email subject line can be a challenge, and there are a lot of tips out there from various sources. The problem is that most of this advice is given in a vacuum; it doesn’t take into account the sender’s industry or the type of email campaign being used. Continue Reading

Email Marketing Best Practices: How To Stay Out Of The Spam Folder

Heidi Haskell on

Email marketing really is a dance of knowing and avoiding the spam danger zones and consistently tweaking your content to make sure it’s engaging and useful to your target market. Continue Reading

Why the Best Email Marketing in My Inbox Doesn’t Feel Like Marketing

Chris Watkins on

What can you do to help keep your emails in the hands of your subscribers rather than in a trash can somewhere? Be thoughtful, candid, and above all a value-add to your subscriber’s day. Continue Reading

Email Marketing: What Day of the Week is Best?

Bret Kershner on

Sending your campaign on days where your customer’s inbox tends to be relatively uncluttered can lead to higher open rates. Let’s take a look at the highest scoring days. Continue Reading