Steal These 5 Marketing Strategies from Successful Fitness Gurus

Kerri Gois on B2C Marketing Strategy

When we’re looking to overhaul our diet or kick-start our fitness routine, we often turn our search engines to online fitness experts.

But what about the next time you’re brainstorming a marketing strategy?

Just because your problem isn’t centered around metabolism or muscle targets doesn’t mean these gurus can’t help. The hyper-competitive world of fitness often makes them uniquely savvy about marketing and advertising.

We reviewed some of the most outstanding marketing tactics being used by successful fitness gurus, so you can steal them for your own marketing strategy.

Social Media is Non-Negotiable

Fitness guru Kayla Istines recommends that businesses be as socially sophisticated as possible. According to her, it is critical to be present and active on the major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Evaluate them all to see which one has the potential to be the most effective for you, and which one most of your target audience uses.

Then focus on the one where your clients hang out most, and start sharing content that they’ll actually want to consume.

Below are some examples of worthwhile content that you can use on social media, but keep the focus on your unique audience and their specific interests.

  • Product insights: How can users get more from your product? What unusual uses have your customers found? Do you have tips that increase its effectiveness?
  • Advice related to your industry: Provide tips and inspiration that are actionable. If your industry is fitness and your product is an exercise regime, great complimentary content related to your industry would be nutrition.
  • Inspirational quotes: These are very popular on Instagram and are an integral part of any business’s Instagram strategy. The visual and inspirational features of these quotes make them a wise choice for your needs.
  • Before and after photos: Encourage users to upload their own photos before and after using your product. For the many potential clients who appreciate visuals and testimonials, this addition to your social media can make a significant difference.
  • Personal photos and updates: Share your life to create a bond with your audience. Include information about your day to day activities, travels, and hobbies. When potential customers feel like they have something in common with you, they are more likely to buy from you. Just use common sense in your postings and avoid sharing information about where you live and your family.

When using Instagram and Facebook, be sure to use hashtags to make your content more searchable; encourage your audience to use hashtags when using your product or service.

This creates amazing amounts of content and helps you build credibility.

Personalize Marketing With Your Own Brand

Personal branding is a popular idea in the world of marketing. While it can be done by any business, those with a single entrepreneur behind them are ideal for personal branding.

Successful fitness companies often have a face (and body) behind them that have embraced personal branding, such as the team of Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up.

To personalize your brand, you have to let your audience get a glimpse of the entrepreneur behind the brand. Talk with them online both about your product and about your offline life.

Creating online and real-world communities of customers are crucial to success.

Social media can be a major part of this shift, if you share regularly and well, giving your community real peeks into who you are. Show your personality in your communication and build actual relationships.

While traditional marketing was very much one-way lecture, personal branding is about relationships and the conversation.

Invest in Social Advertising

Betty Rocker, aka Bree Argetsinger, stands beside a tried and true digital marketing strategy: investing in ads. She has successfully used Facebook Like campaigns to reach a huge target audience, and then to connect with that audience, resulting in more sales on her own website.

The continuous cycle of ads provides a perpetual flow of traffic, bringing new customers daily.

Her super popular Instagram account, where she teaches her followers about fitness, was the jumping off point for her Facebook ad strategy.

Her success revolves around knowing who her audience is and creating high-quality content that creates goodwill with that audience.

This translates to driving traffic to her site, where they get the opportunity to purchase one of her impressive products.

Be Ready with E-Commerce

Your e-commerce site is integral to successfully get your audience to purchase what you offer. If you do not have a streamlined, quality system in place to take orders, all the high-quality traffic in the world won’t help.

Be sure your e-commerce site is mobile responsive, has persistent “add to cart” buttons, and a complete checkout page that includes the order summary.

Test your e-commerce site thoroughly and often, so you know exactly what your customers are experiencing and can prevent any problems from impacting your customers’ buying decisions.

Transform Traffic Into Leads

Fitness guru Bradley Martyn encourages individuals to establish a solid plan for transforming traffic into leads early in their marketing efforts.

Just driving traffic to your site with free web content is not enough.

You need to capture visitors’ contact details by encouraging them to sign up for email subscriptions, downloading gated content, and/or following you on social media.

You can also use pop-ups on your site to collect more information, which can, in turn, be used for lead nurturing.

In addition, Bradley reminds us that using powerful direct response sales copy on your website, social media, in pop-ups, and emails, will help lead your audience to take the action you want them to take, whether that’s to make a purchase or to pick up the phone and call you.

It’s these final actions that turn that traffic into real leads for your business.

Flex Your Marketing Muscles

Successful marketing doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel (or treadmill).

As these five fitness gurus show, staying on track with tried-and-true techniques like social media, online advertising, lead generation, and e-commerce can set your business up for success.

Just like real muscles, foundational marketing muscles need to be used regularly to stay in top form. Follow these trainers’ advice, and your marketing could be in the best shape of its life.