B2B Product Pricing Guide

Luke Gorski on

How do you set the right price point for your B2B product? Answering this question is the focus of today’s lesson. Continue Reading

Solution Based Marketing for B2B Clients

Luke Gorski on

Learn how to: Define what a solution offering is and is not, understand the challenges to creating a solution and create an effective marketing strategy for your solution offering. Continue Reading

Mapping the B2B Buyer Journey

Luke Gorski on

In this article, you will be introduced to the different phases a B2B buyer moves through as they approach a purchase decision. Using content marketing, you can assist them at each step of the buyer journey. Continue Reading

The 10x Marketer: Marketing Magician or Detrimental Distraction?

Andrea Fryrear on

With roots in the early days of software development, this idea of a 10x employee has been around for a while. Now the concurrent rapid evolution of marketing sophistication and audience demands has led many people to suggest that the age of the 10x marketer is upon us Continue Reading

Marketing Lessons From the Sharing Economy

Liz Millikin on

In a relatively short amount of time, people have grown to trust people they have never met. This is the brilliance of the sharing economy. Continue Reading

4 Questions You Need to Ask to Survive the Creative Age

Liz Millikin on

In this post, I join in the conversation about how digital nomads and the Creative Age have changed the way we work…and the four questions your marketing department needs to ask to adapt with agility and grace. Continue Reading

Steal These 5 Marketing Strategies from Successful Fitness Gurus

Kerri Gois on

When we’re looking to overhaul our diet or kick-start our fitness routine, we often turn our search engines to online fitness experts. But what about the next time you’re brainstorming a marketing strategy Continue Reading