What is Multi-Level Marketing and Should You Use It?

Liz Millikin on

The Marketing world buzzes with jargon, and every day seems to bring with it new terms to describe exactly what we do and how we do it. Keeping up with the lingo is a challenge. Continue Reading

What is Niche Marketing?

Andrea Fryrear on

Today’s topic: niche marketing. We’re going to use the good, old-fashioned journalistic approach and look at what this approach really is, what it’s not, when to use this type of marketing, and then close with some suggestions for how to make it work for you. Continue Reading

Marketing Concepts: Brand Strategy

Liz Millikin on

If you haven’t come across this term before, prepare for a completely new way of positioning your brand as a whole. Brand strategy is a far-reaching, big-picture perspective that should factor into every way your brand interacts with the customer (and vice versa). Continue Reading

How to Make In-Person Events Your Go-To Content Marketing Tactic

Andrea Fryrear on

Whether you’re sponsoring, speaking, or attending, these tested and proven techniques will show you how to turn in-person events into a top performing content tactic for your team. Continue Reading

Look Before You Launch: Brand Awareness Survey Questions

Heidi Haskell on

A brand awareness survey is used to tell you if your marketing campaigns are getting adequate exposure for your brand. If you haven’t been doing a lot of marketing yet, a brand awareness survey can be used to set a baseline to build off of and to see how you compete with others in your market before you start your campaigns. Continue Reading

Brand Perception, Awareness, and Recall: Which is Right For You?

Pharlain Ross on

Three often used (and often confused) sources of crucial product data are brand awareness, brand recall, and brand perception studies. All three give you valuable insight into the position of your brand among your competitors. All three give you very different insights. Continue Reading

7 Ways to Engage Your Customer’s Reptilian Brain

Heidi Haskell on

According to SalesBrain and the Triune Brain theory, the reptilian region is the brain’s attention gatekeeper and decision maker. If you can grab the attention of a consumer’s reptilian brain with your landing page, advertisement, or commercial, you’ve got a much better chance of guiding them to conversion. Continue Reading

6 Ways to Use Cognitive Bias to Market to Humans

Andrea Fryrear on

As we enter the full swing of the holiday marketing season, let’s take moment to remember who we’re actually marketing too. Andy Crestodina wants us to remember that we should stay too fixated on the giant robot whose name starts with “G.” Instead, we are (or should be) marketing to real people with brains in their heads. Continue Reading

Turning a Competitive Analysis Into Your Competitive Advantage

Bret Kershner on

Believe it or not, your competitor shouldn’t be your first topic of investigation when conducting a competitive analysis, which is simply an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of potential and existing competitors. Continue Reading