Direct Mail Solutions for B2B Marketing

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Now that you have a better understanding of B2B marketing, let’s explore how direct mail solutions can fit into your B2B marketing strategy.

When you combine more than one marketing channel, like email and direct mail, you are engaging in multichannel marketing. In this lesson, you will learn how to combine direct mail with content marketing to create an effective B2B marketing campaign.

After reading this lesson, you will:

  1. Understand direct mail marketing
  2. Combine direct mail with content marketing
  3. Create an effective direct mail marketing campaign

What is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail marketing is the sending of physical marketing materials by mail to a potential buyer’s office. For the purposes of this lesson, direct mail can be any of the following:

  • Personal thank you letters
  • Personalized gifts, like a bottle of wine
  • Sales materials
  • Appointment requests
  • Free company swag

B2B marketing is built around personal engagements with prospective buyers. By incorporating direct mail into your marketing campaign, you enhance your marketing message and product offering by establishing personal lines of communication.

Is Direct Mail Marketing Effective for B2B Marketing?

Direct mail is effective in B2B marketing because it helps your organization stand out. When you send a prospective buyer a gift card, a personal thank you letter, or free t-shirts, you make it much easier for that buyer to remember your company.

But remember that the B2B sales process involves multiple decision makers. To reassure all decision makers that your product can help them achieve individual and departmental goals, you must market to each decision maker individually.

Direct mail can help you reach each individual decision maker. For example, mailing gifts to several different people at a target organization can help your company stand out. Pardot, a Salesforce company, sent key prospects branded grills.

Direct mail becomes especially impactful when combined with an effective content marketing campaign. Let’s look at content marketing.

What is B2B Content Marketing?

In B2B content marketing campaigns, you create valuable information for potential and existing buyers. This valuable information, or content, can be presented in different mediums, such as written, video, and audio form.

Content marketing in the B2B space can include any of the following:

  • Industry white papers
  • Industry-specific podcast
  • Video series or course
  • SlideShare presentations

Content marketing for B2B marketing must be valuable and relevant to your ideal customer. You can learn how to create your ideal customer profile (ICP) here. But how do you know if your content is valuable? The best way to find out is to share it with your existing buyers and prospects.

Combine Direct Mail and Content Marketing

Enhance your content marketing by including direct mailers into your sales funnel. Let’s look at some examples of the kinds of direct mail you can send.

Content Awareness Mailer

Direct mail can be used to create awareness about your product or service by introducing a free piece of content. The piece of direct mail can be a physical copy of your written content or SlideShare presentation, or an invitation to listen to your podcast or video series.

“Content Champion” Mailer

For your content to be effective, you will need to grow a core audience to champion your content. Sending key prospects a Starbucks gift card along with a personalized invitation to listen to your podcast on their next coffee break can help build your audience. Consider these mailers appropriate for early, middle, and bottom sales funnel.

Guest Contributor Invitation Mailer

If you create content that features interviews with industry leaders, invite key prospects to be featured in your written, audio, or video content. This can increase the value of your podcast by providing relevant content to other listeners, and open lines of communication for opportunities to work with the individual you’re inviting.

To identify key prospects, meet with your content marketing team and reverse engineer the kind of content you need to create for it to be valuable.

Personalized Gift Mailer

Sending more traditional sales materials like a bottle of wine or a signed jersey, along with a personal note to key decision makers can also help bring your company to the top of your prospects consideration list.

Remember that whether you are sending free content or a bottle of wine, the personal gesture counts in B2B marketing.

How to Create a Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail marketing is an investment of your marketing dollars, and prospects who receive your direct mail should be targeted, mailing addresses should be double-checked, and any links to your content marketing should be working. Let’s take a look at the steps you’ll take when creating a direct mail campaign.

1. Identify Key Prospects

The first step to creating your direct mail campaign is to identify which prospective buyers to target. Meet with your account executives (AEs) and sales team, and ask them which prospects they believe could be moved forward in the sales funnel after receiving a personalized direct mail engagement.

2. Create Your Direct Mailers

For your direct mail campaign to be effective, it will need to be relevant and provide each prospective buyer with value. Value here can be a product discount, a free trial, an opportunity to be a guest on your podcast or video series.

Speak with your sales team about where each target prospect is in the sales funnel, and reverse engineer what will take them to the next step. Once you know what the next step should be, create your direct mailers.

3. Confirm Mailing Address

Before sending out your mailers, confirm the mailing address of each person on your list. If your AEs have recently been in contact with your prospect, a simple phone call or email may be all that’s required. If you can’t get your prospect on the phone, consider sending a simple greeting card and see if it gets returned due to a wrong mailing address. This will save you from paying for direct mail that never gets delivered.

4. Follow Up Upon Delivery

Follow up with the prospect once your direct mailer has arrived. If you are inviting the prospect to view your content, include a link in your follow up email. If you are inviting your prospect to be a guest on your podcast or video series, confirm they are available and interested. If you sent a gift, like a signed jersey or a bottle of wine, confirm that it was received.

You should purchase a tracking code to know when the package has arrived. Receiving a notification that your package has been delivered will allow you follow up promptly. You don’t want to follow up too early or too late, and miss the opportunity to create a personal engagement.

5. Measure the Results

Once your mailers have been sent and you’ve followed up with prospects, you will need to measure how effective your campaign was. The key performance indicator (KPI) for success will most likely be new sales calls or demos are scheduled, or new accounts opened.

If you were using your direct mailers to increase viewership of your content, you may need to track landing page visits, blog page visits, video views, or streams of your audio content.


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