Marketing A New B2B Product

Luke Gorski on

Marketing B2B products will always rest on the traditional selling principles we’ve all come to know. Decision makers who buy enterprise solutions, like SaaS products or service offerings for their organizations, prefer personal engagement and personalized product demos. Continue Reading

Introduction to B2B Account Based Marketing

Luke Gorski on

To sell effectively to the B2B buyer, you must take a step back, understand who its key decision makers are, and create a multichannel marketing strategy to communicate with each decision maker. This approach has come to be known as account-based marketing. Continue Reading

Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) for B2B Marketing

Luke Gorski on

In this lesson, you will be introduced to the discovery process that identifies the ideal B2B customer. You will understand them, and craft a tailored message. The findings from this discovery process will be put into a document known as the ICP: the ideal customer profile. Continue Reading

Direct Mail Solutions for B2B Marketing

Luke Gorski on

When you combine more than one marketing channel, like email and direct mail, you are engaging in multichannel marketing. In this lesson, you will learn how to combine direct mail with content marketing to create an effective B2B marketing campaign. Continue Reading

What Is SaaS Marketing?

Geri Mileva on

New to marketing for SaaS business? This article will help you get started on the fundamentals of SaaS Marketing. Continue Reading

How to Create Viral Content for Your B2B Brand

Laura Jonson on

When we come across content marketing that goes viral, our first thought is often: “How do I do that?” Luck is a big part of why some content goes viral while other pieces sit unnoticed, but you can give your content a better chance at spreading far and wide. Continue Reading

Agile Marketing Methodologies: A Skeptical Comparison

Andrea Fryrear on

Let’s take a moment to step back and remember why nerds like me are so excited about Agile Marketing in the first place. Then, I want to do a quick run through of the four most common methodologies to remind us all that there are many, many ways to DO agile. Continue Reading

Digital Marketing for Better Lead Generation

Bradd Shorr on

We at Straight North recently created a Lead Generation Ecosystem infographic that was inspired by Seurat. It’s an effort to help marketers visualize (and connect) all the tiny dots that make up a successful lead generation campaign. Continue Reading

What is Multi-Level Marketing and Should You Use It?

Liz Millikin on

The Marketing world buzzes with jargon, and every day seems to bring with it new terms to describe exactly what we do and how we do it. Keeping up with the lingo is a challenge. Continue Reading