Master Native Advertising With Sponsored Content

Liz Millikin on

Learn about sponsored content: What sponsored content is, What it isn’t, How other brands are knocking it out of the park, How you can leverage sponsored content for your brand and how to avoid the legal concerns that come with paying for coverage. Continue Reading

4 Tips to Make Your PPC Landing Pages Work for SEO

Andrea Fryrear on

Wouldn’t it be vastly more efficient if we could make our fine-tuned PPC landing pages do double duty as highly targeted organic landing pages too? Well, with these four easy adjustments you can. Continue Reading

Deviate From The Norm With Guerrilla Marketing

Alan Meyer on

Guerrilla marketing was originally created as a tool for small businesses that did not have the budget to do large marketing campaigns. Standard advertisements have never been low priced and the prices continue to rise for prime advertising real estate. Continue Reading

4 Things the Best Landing Pages Have in Common

Andrea Fryrear on

Whatever their layout and content, there are four things that the best landing pages have in common: Singular focus, Compelling (and limited) copy, Un-intimidating forms and Intelligent use of color and images. Continue Reading

Pay Per Click: 6 Questions Before Starting A New Campaign

Andrea Fryrear on

Here are 6 things that you have to ask yourself before you start your new pay per click campaign: What is the goal of my pay per click campaign? Can I achieve my goals without paying for them? What is my budget? Who is my target market? What are my keywords/negative keywords? Where will I send my traffic? Continue Reading

Direct Marketing (Re)Defined

Andrea Fryrear on

Direct marketing’s definition may seem very fluid, but in reality it’s a fixed, highly valuable marketing approach. It has a particular history that lends it to particular applications in the Information Age. Continue Reading

What Do You Mean by CPC?

Andrea Fryrear on

Three letter acronyms abound in marketing, and there are few more confusing than CPC. In fact, these three simple letters are the source of four distinct metrics: Cost Per Click, Cost Per Conversion, Cost Per Acquisition, and Enhanced Cost Per Click. Continue Reading

Optimize Your PPC Landing Pages With This 9 Point Checklist

Andrea Fryrear on

Optimizing a pay per click campaign can be a full time obsession: what about this headline? should I use a colon or semicolon here? are my keywords the right match type? The list of possible changes is nearly endless. But it’s vital that digital marketers don’t neglect where visitors go after they click on their ad: the almighty landing page. Continue Reading

Online Advertising and the Holidays: Should You Put the Freeze on PPC?

Andrea Fryrear on

To determine whether or not PPC marketing during the holidays with create the results that you want, we’re going to dive into four facts about PPC advertising during the fourth quarter. Continue Reading