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SaaS Marketing Strategies: The Importance of Landing Pages

Geri Mileva on SaaS Marketing

With a landing page, you can successfully get the customer’s attention and urge them to make a purchase at the same time. It is a tool that is responsible for increasing the conversion rates of many brands. Continue Reading

5 Strategies to Increase SaaS Customer Lifetime Value

Geri Mileva on SaaS Marketing

To offset churn rates, SaaS businesses must improve their Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). This is the prediction of the brand's relationship with a particular customer. To put it objectively, it is the monetary value of a customer relationship. Here are five strategies to help you improve your CLV and reduce your churn rates in the process. Continue Reading

SaaS Marketing 101: How Effective Marketing Builds Brands

Geri Mileva on SaaS Marketing

Brand identity is important because customers need a name and entity to attach to their experiences with a product. Having a solid brand identity helps companies build trust with their customers. Continue Reading

Marketing A New B2B Product

Luke Gorski on B2B Marketing Strategy

Marketing B2B products will always rest on the traditional selling principles we’ve all come to know. Decision makers who buy enterprise solutions, like SaaS products or service offerings for their organizations, prefer personal engagement and personalized product demos. Continue Reading

How Has SaaS Grown Through the Years: A Timeline

Geri Mileva on SaaS Marketing

In this article, we’ll discuss the history of SaaS and how you can use this knowledge in growing your own business. Continue Reading

B2B Product Pricing Guide

Luke Gorski on B2C Marketing Strategy

How do you set the right price point for your B2B product? Answering this question is the focus of today’s lesson. Continue Reading

GDPR for Marketing: The Benefits

Luke Gorski on

In this lesson, you will learn about five tangible benefits your business can see by becoming GDPR-compliant. These benefits include: Less legal liability, Higher marketing conversion rates, Better brand perception, Improved email marketing and Lower marketing costs. Continue Reading

Introduction to B2B Account Based Marketing

Luke Gorski on B2B Marketing Strategy

To sell effectively to the B2B buyer, you must take a step back, understand who its key decision makers are, and create a multichannel marketing strategy to communicate with each decision maker. This approach has come to be known as account-based marketing. Continue Reading

Critical SaaS Statistics That You Need to Know

Geri Mileva on SaaS Marketing

With the variety of services that SaaS offers businesses, its fast-paced expansion is quite expected. By 2020, 73% of organizations will have their workplaces powered by SaaS apps. Continue Reading