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Mobile Video Advertising – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

Luke Gorski on Social Media Marketing

In this lesson, you will learn how to combine your video advertising with content marketing principles to effectively reach buyers on mobile devices using video ads. Continue Reading

3 YouTube Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Channel

Luke Gorski on Social Media Marketing

To compete against the massive amount of content on YouTube, your content must be valuable. Today, you will learn about: The importance of collaborating on YouTube, Personally engaging with your buyers and viewers and How to create long-tail video content for YouTube. Continue Reading

Content Marketing 101 - Make Your Own Podcast

Luke Gorski on Social Media Marketing

Audio content is quickly becoming a growing part of your buyers’ digital lives. And podcasts are the king of audio. After reading this lesson, you will learn: What is a podcast, practical benefits of having a podcast and how to start your company podcast. Continue Reading

A Marketer’s Guide to Influencer Outreach

Luke Gorski on Social Media Marketing

To make your influencer marketing efforts stand out, form deeper relationships with influencers. To be effective, you must provide value to both the influencer and her followers. After reading this lesson, you will: Understand influencer marketing and how to create an influencer outreach strategy Continue Reading

Instagram Marketing Strategy - Influencers, Videos, Quotes

Luke Gorski on Social Media Marketing

Today, Instagram stories are one of the most consumed forms of Instagram content. Although the platform will continue to change, creating value for potential buyers and engaging within communities will continue to be the foundation of an effective Instagram marketing strategy. Start there, and adjust as the platform evolves. Continue Reading

How to Generate Relevant Content Writing Ideas

Sarah George on Content Marketing

Writing great content takes more work than typing words on paper. The best content comes from producing well-thought content writing ideas. By the end of this article, you’ll know where to find good writing inspiration, how to use brainstorming techniques, and what questions to ask to keep your content relevant. Continue Reading

Twitter Hashtags For Marketing: The Ultimate List

Heidi Haskell on Social Media Marketing

This is a fairly comprehensive list, so I’ve broken it up into categories to help you zero in on the hashtag topics that are particularly relevant to your marketing efforts or content distribution audience. Continue Reading

Self-Editing Checklist for Content Writers

Geri Mileva on Content Marketing

In this article, you’ll find the meaning and purpose behind self-editing. You will also see a step-by-step editing process and detailed self-editing checklist to help you get started on your next piece. Continue Reading

Web Design 101: The Importance of Balance in Design

Geri Mileva on Content Marketing

Balance can be found in several aspects of our lives. It’s that sense of harmony we are drawn towards because our brains are wired to seek order and wholeness in our surroundings. But beyond nature and inner awareness, balance is also a key component in the world of design. Continue Reading