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What Is SaaS Marketing?

Geri Mileva on B2B Marketing Strategy

New to marketing for SaaS business? This article will help you get started on the fundamentals of SaaS Marketing. Continue Reading

The Fundamentals of Logo Design

Geri Mileva on Marketing Design

The brand logo is critical for any business, as it makes an imprint on customers’ minds. It’s even more crucial these days, when marketers have only a few seconds to make people stop and pay attention to your product or service. Continue Reading

The Fundamentals of SEO Web Design

Geri Mileva on Marketing Design

Website design and site performance are inherently linked, as design has a significant effect on a website’s ability to rank well on search engine sites. Continue Reading

Blogging for Beginners: Understanding Responsive Design

Geri Mileva on Marketing Design

Responsive design refers to an approach in website development wherein a website is made to adapt to a variety of devices and screen sizes. Basically, your website layout changes according to the user’s screen size and resolution. Continue Reading

Web Design 101: The Power of White Space

Geri Mileva on Marketing Design

In this article, you will learn about the subtle power of white space, why it is an essential part of your webpage, and how it can be used effectively. Continue Reading

Web Design: 7 Skills You Need to Build an Effective Website

Geri Mileva on Marketing Design

While you can hire a team of professionals who are skilled at building a website, it’s still better to equip yourself with the skills necessary to build and manage a website successfully. If you are interested in knowing what it takes to have an excellent website, this article discusses the technical as well as practical life skills you will need. Continue Reading

Tips for Effective PowerPoint Presentations

Sarah George on Team Building

In the article below, you will find tips for PowerPoint presentations that will help you use them effectively. You’ll understand the purpose for choosing this visual, some do’s and don’ts when using it, and a step-by-step process for creating a PowerPoint presentation yourself. Continue Reading

Reducing Waste from Too Many Meetings

Sarah George on Team Building

Workplace meetings have their time and place. However, many scheduled meetings end up spending too much of everyone’s time without getting enough accomplished. By the end of this article, you’ll understand which meetings you should cut back on, alternatives to keep everyone productive, and ways to reduce meeting time when you do have to schedule one. Continue Reading

5 Bad Website Design Mistakes to Avoid

Geri Mileva on Marketing Design

Overall, how your website looks can make or break your brand’s online presence. We tend to draw our own assumptions and conclusions based on physical appearances. As long as you avoid these mistakes and invest in great website design, this inclination can work for you. Continue Reading