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How SaaS Marketers Can Increase ROI at an Industry Event

Joshua Robitaille on SaaS Marketing

Don’t waste your budget on events if you are not making the most of it. A powerful marketing tool, live events are the most direct way to generate more leads and sales, but only if your participation is carefully planned and executed. Continue Reading

A 4-Step Process to Improve the Quality of B2B Leads

Joshua Robitaille on B2B Marketing Strategy

Marketers are under constant pressure to demonstrate the ROI of their campaigns. This often times leads to marketing teams focusing on quantity as opposed to quality in lead generation, resulting in low conversion rates and disappointing revenues. How do you improve the quality of your leads? Check out these four simple tips. Continue Reading

The Basics of Marketing and Sales Alignment

Joshua Robitaille on Team Building

There are numerous benefits of aligning your sales and marketing efforts – higher quality of leads, improved conversion rates, and lower customer acquisition costs. However, such alignment is a multi-dimensional process that requires both financial and time commitment. Check out a few tips to get started. Continue Reading

Marketers: Transitioning from B2C and B2B

Joshua Robitaille on Team Building

Marketing is marketing, right? Wrong! The meaning behind even such basic concepts as conversion, engagement, and brand awareness vary greatly depending on the industry. As a B2C marketer, you will have to unlearn a number of marketing habits in order to succeed in the B2B world. Continue Reading

7 of the Best SaaS Blogs You Need to Check Out in 2018

Geri Mileva on SaaS Marketing

There are a lot of Software as a Service (SaaS) blogs out there, but not all of them are backed by years of hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge about the ins and outs of the field. Here are 7 of the best SaaS blogs worth reading and following. Continue Reading

4 Video Marketing Ideas for SaaS Companies

Geri Mileva on SaaS Marketing

In the highly competitive world of SaaS, knowing all the right tools to create a solid marketing plan is essential. With YouTube and other social media platforms fueling the need to share content, video marketing is on an all-time high. Continue Reading

SaaS Marketing 101: Building Strong Content and Its Benefits

Geri Mileva on SaaS Marketing

Content marketing is your best option for building and maintaining customers’ interest in your product. SaaS companies that put extra effort into managing their content strategy are more likely to enjoy huge traffic and bigger conversions. Continue Reading

SaaS Marketing 101: How to Get Your App to Sell Itself

Geri Mileva on SaaS Marketing

Perhaps one of the main reasons why SaaS is quite a volatile market is because landing and maintaining clients can be a bit more complex when you have a product that is intangible. Continue Reading

SaaS Marketing Strategies: Have a Strong Customer Service

Geri Mileva on SaaS Marketing

If you’re in the SaaS business, you’d have to expect some tight competition. Although some would say that their product is excellent and can sell itself, in reality, that’s not enough. To completely succeed in this business, SaaS companies need to have excellent customer service as well. Continue Reading