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Feature Description
Triggers and Logic Set the rules for how contacts move through your marketing campaigns.
Multi-Staged Campaigns Create campaigns that have multiple stages so you can track goal milestones and troubleshoot where your contacts may not be progressing. 
Email Send Time Delays Set the rules for when contacts receive your emails based on logic and triggers.
Sales Funnel Create your own sales funnel stages and apply them to all of your content to track prospect progression.
Visual Email Editor An email editor made for copy writers. Edit emails and instantly see the copy populated in the email template.
Advanced Enrollment Criteria Create custom enrollment rules for how contacts start, move through, and finish campaigns.
Timed Campaigns Campaigns that move contacts through on strict time-delayed basis.
Scheduled Campaigns Campaigns set to launch and move contacts through based on an upcoming event or limited-time promotion.

Content Management System

Feature Description
Articles/Blog Posts Easy to write, publish, and style at a moment's notice to keep your blog fresh for your followers.
Media Library Upload and organize all of your images, logos, videos, audio, and PDFs so they are instantly accessible when creating new content. 
Redirect Controls Moved pages and posts or renamed your links? IdealPath has robust redirect controls to make sure you don't miss a single site visit. 
Templating Engine Upload or code new design templates that can be applied to any content created for post, pages and emails.
Asset Component System Have headers and footers that need to appear on all of your site's pages and posts? Use our component system to make site updates and management a snap.
Lead Forms Create lead forms to capture contact information and subscribe them to campaigns
Multi-page Forms Robust forms with multiple pages.
Form Complete Redirect Redirect contacts to landing pages or thank you pages after completing forms.
Form Email Actions Send custom messages automatically after form submissions are complete.
Form Responses Review and Browse Form Completions
Content Importer Moving from a different Content Management System to IdealPath? Our intelligent content importer can replicate your entire website in IdealPath quickly with little overhead.
Scheduled Posts Get ahead of your content publication calendar with a "set it and forget it" future publish feature.
Multidomain Support Working with multiple website properties? IdealPath easily supports as many domains as you can manage.
Visual Page/Post Editor Create and update posts and pages to instantly see how it will appear to your site visitors. 
Smart Related Content IdealPath will scan new posts and automatically suggest related content to display to site visitors. 
Sitemap Generation Easily generate a sitemap to help plan for future pages and content.
SEO Tools All tools necessary to optimize your site to be recognized by search engines.
Landing Page Media Gate your valuable content behind forms on landing pages so you can collect leads and new contacts.
Documentation Publication Type Product documentation can be great marketing content. IdealPath allows for hosting of all your product documentation so you can learn more about your customer's interests.
Canonical URL Support Search engine friendly URL that you want the search engines to treat as authoritative. In other words, a canonical URL is the URL that you want visitors to see.

Customer Relationship Management

Feature Description
Custom Fields Create custom fields for your contacts.
Contact Management Upload new contacts, create lists, manage contacts, subscriptions.
Company & Contact Tracking See which campaigns, messages, and emails entire companies receive.
Email Blast Send a single email to a segment or contact list.

Email Management System

Feature Description
Advanced Visual Email Editor An email editor made for copy writers. Edit emails and instantly see the copy populated in the email template.
Transactional Emails Confirm any contact action (sign-up, purchase, information request, etc.) with a custom email.
Reply Management Set where replies to your emails are routed.
Custom Email Domains Set up custom email domains to maintain brand integrity and recipient trust.
Email Performance Tracking Track email metrics to monitor performance: deliveries, opens, bounces, and link clicks.
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