Deliver content to any device or website anywhere, anytime.

With our cloud-based content distribution platform effortlessly deliver content to applications, websites, and devices anywhere in the world quickly and with minimal development effort.  

Discover how IdealPath will improve your content.

idealpath cdn api architecture diagram

IdealPath CDN API

The IdealPath Content Distribution API (CDN-API) allows you to deliver content to applications, websites, and devices anywhere in the world quickly and with minimal development effort. 

The CDNAPI can be used with the full IdealPath marketing automation platform or as a stand-alone headless content management system when used in concert with the IdealPath Core API.

IdealPath Core API

The core IdealPath API is used to create, edit, and manage content, campaigns, accounts, users and other advanced objects.  

The Core API is used to develop embedded content editing capability, whereas the CDN-API is used to access published information, embed content in applications, sites, portals, and devices.

The CDN-API is optimized for speedy delivery of content, however it is read-only (as you'd expect with a CDN).  Whereas the Core API, which can be used in similar ways, is designed for building campaigns, content, and powering marketing activities.  

idealpath core api architecture diagram

idealpath multi account system diagram

Sub-Account Support

IdealPath gives you control over your account and customers. Utilize our master and sub account system to provide seamless logins for all of your customers. 

Each of your customers will enjoy our robust visual content editors for their content authors to easily publish content anywhere, anytime.

Effortlessly publish content into any device or platform with headless integration.

Built for enterprise from the ground up, IdealPath offers everything you need to infinitely scale your content with our micro-service architecture.

idealpath json response example

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