What is Local SEO (and How to Do It Well)

Andrea Fryrear on

Local search engine optimization is a subset of the larger efforts at optimizing websites to appear higher in search results. It typically focuses on searches that include geographic modifiers like, “coffee shops in Denver” or “coffee shops near me.” Continue Reading

Facebook SEO: It’s Not a Thing

Christian Vanek on

Your banner ads aren’t working. Your Facebook brand page’s organic reach is takes a nose dive every time Zuckerberg releases an update to the News Feed algorithm. And yet, traditional advertising platforms like TV and print are faring even worse. Continue Reading

SEO Trends for 2016: A Roundup

Griffin Kay on

After culling through dozens of proclamations from influencers and vendors of note we found the most common predictions. Without further ado, here are the SEO trends of 2016. Continue Reading

Facebook SEO: Ranking Signal or New Search Engine?

Andrea Fryrear on

Facebook’s adoption rate continues to climb, and with its recent moves to host original content and to keep searches within Facebook, it’s clear that there’s a search showdown coming. Continue Reading

What the Moz SEO Ranking Report Means for Content and Social Media

Andrea Fryrear on

To help non-SEO specialists stay focused, we’ve put together the key ranking factors from the Moz report that apply to content and social media, including what you should be doing about them. Continue Reading

Differences Between On and Off Page SEO Factors

Andrea Fryrear on

This overview will walk you through the important distinctions between on page and off page search engine optimization so that you can prioritize your SEO tasks effectively. Continue Reading

New Google SEO Tool That Reveals Your Organic Search Rankings

Andrea Fryrear on

Google rolled out a new Search Analytics feature in Webmaster Tools that is taking some of the mystery out of organic search data. Here’s how a few clicks can save you hours of sleuthing and give you more accurate data. Continue Reading

The Evolution of SEO/SEM and What It Means For Your Website

Lisa Cook on

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the use of strategies and tactics to improve page rankings in unpaid or organic search engine results with the goal of increasing traffic to a website. Continue Reading

A Marketer’s Guide to HTML Markup for SEO

Christian Vanek on

Here’s a quick guide to help you optimize the technical side of your website content to help increase Google’s understanding of your hard work and give you a well-deserved boost in search rankings. Continue Reading