How Video Content Can Improve Every Stage of the Buyer's Journey

Andrea Fryrear on

Like all good content marketing stories, the tale of video content centers around the audience. Video offers a dynamic, visually compelling way to communicate with your audience at any stage of their journey. Continue Reading

Simplilearn Review: Are Online Courses in Digital Marketing Worth the Cost?

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Professional improvement and marketing education are frequent topics of discussion here at IdealPath. Marketing is evolving so rapidly that it can be a full-time job for marketers just to stay on top of emerging trends in their fields and industries. Continue Reading

Length is Still Strength: Why the Rise of Video Content Doesn’t Mean You Can Stop Writing

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The expert consensus is that while video content can indeed improve your chances of achieving SEO success, it cannot be your only content choice if you’re hoping to rank on page one. Here are the latest insights into video content and SEO, as well as four tips to make it work for you right now. Continue Reading

How to Succeed (With Data) in the New Era of Marketing

Liz Millikin on

In this post, I explore just a few of Sweezy’s assertions, including the new status quo of content creation, content consumption, and how data can help your marketing efforts right now. Continue Reading

7 Ingredients for an Awesome Explainer Video

Jack Knopfler on

From the scriptwriting to the animation to the audio mixing, the recipe for creating your explainer video is complex. But if you include these seven key ingredients, you’ll have all the makings for drastically improved conversions. Continue Reading

Meet Visme: Our Review of the New Swiss Army Knife of Graphic Design

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Finding apps that are really, really good at helping me creating graphics is more difficult. That’s where Visme comes in. When they invited our marketing team to beta test their service, we jumped at the chance. Continue Reading

4 Webinar Problems and How We’re Trying to Solve Them

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Today I want to share some of the reasons why this particular content format is both highly exciting and genuinely terrifying for our team, along with how we’re hoping to navigate the perilous minefield that is running a webinar. Continue Reading

Guide to Getting Started with Conversion Rate Optimization

Griffin Kay on

Conversions are often viewed as the holy grail of marketing because they represent tangible proof that marketing works. It’s not just smoke and mirrors; we’re actually bringing value to the organization, and here are the conversions to prove it. Continue Reading

From Inspiration to Execution: 16 Marketing Quotes for Motivation and Mastery

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Marketing as a whole–and agile marketing in particular–requires more than just hard work and the ability to pivot at the slightest change in opportunity. Effective marketing that moves the bottom line requires a wealth of creativity, too. Continue Reading