Digital Nomads: The 4 Questions You Need to Ask to Survive the Creative Age

Liz Millikin on B2C Marketing Strategy

In this post, I join in the conversation about how digital nomads and the Creative Age have changed the way we work…and the four questions your marketing department needs to ask to adapt with agility and grace.

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Agile Marketing Methodologies: A Skeptical Comparison

Andrea Fryrear on B2B Marketing Strategy

Let’s take a moment to step back and remember why nerds like me are so excited about Agile Marketing in the first place. Then, I want to do a quick run through of the four most common methodologies to remind us all that there are many, many ways to DO agile.

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Steal These 5 Marketing Strategies from Successful Fitness Gurus

Kerri Gois on B2C Marketing Strategy

When we’re looking to overhaul our diet or kick-start our fitness routine, we often turn our search engines to online fitness experts. But what about the next time you’re brainstorming a marketing strategy

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[Infographic] Connecting the Dots of Digital Marketing for Better Lead Generation

Bradd Shorr on B2B Marketing Strategy

We at Straight North recently created a Lead Generation Ecosystem infographic that was inspired by Seurat. It’s an effort to help marketers visualize (and connect) all the tiny dots that make up a successful lead generation campaign.

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How to Succeed (With Data) in the New Era of Marketing

Liz Millikin on Content Marketing

In this post, I explore just a few of Sweezy’s assertions, including the new status quo of content creation, content consumption, and how data can help your marketing efforts right now.

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7 Ingredients for an Awesome Explainer Video

Jack Knopfler on Content Marketing

From the scriptwriting to the animation to the audio mixing, the recipe for creating your explainer video is complex. But if you include these seven key ingredients, you’ll have all the makings for drastically improved conversions.

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5 Key Pieces of Effective Email Design

Lisa Cook on Email Marketing

In this post, we explore tactics for maximizing the five components of great emails: Subject Line, Preview Text, Sender Name, Email Body, Visual Design.

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Loving the Road Less Traveled: Finding Your Social Media Career Path

Liz Millikin on Social Media Marketing

Being an on-the-ground social media or community manager (or specialist, or coordinator, or whatever your company happens to call an entry-level social job) is a bit like getting a liberal arts education. You build a wide range of skills that can take you far, but where exactly you’ll be going may not always be clear.

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What is Multi-Level Marketing and Should You Use It?

Liz Millikin on B2B Marketing Strategy

The Marketing world buzzes with jargon, and every day seems to bring with it new terms to describe exactly what we do and how we do it. Keeping up with the lingo is a challenge.

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