Marketing Automation for Content Marketers.

IdealPath is a Marketing Automation Platform that helps Content Marketers achieve their goals and keep content creation front and center.

From Creative Content Ideas to Customer Acquisition

Robust Content Management System

Supporting multiple websites, SEO optimization tools and unbelievably simple content importing to get you producing new content on day one.

Powerful and easy to use Campaign Management Platform 

With a visual email editor, multi-staged campaign controls and simple marketing funnel tracking, you'll never fail to move the needle to success on a daily basis.

Visionary Multi-Channel Marketing System

Ensure every piece of content you create provides evergreen value! Create publications that funnel your audience into those campaigns you've carefully crafted.

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Everything a Content Marketer Needs in One Package

IdealPath provides integrated marketing, planning, analytics, and creative execution.

Content Management System (CMS)

Campaign Management

Email Marketing System

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Advertising Platform

Social Media Automation

Don’t let your old marketing automation tools drive your strategy with it’s limitations.

We know the frustration of having your business strategy hindered by the limitations of software, so we prioritize effortless integration.

IdealPath connects to WordPress, Salesforce, SendGrid, and your social media accounts using our flexible integration technology.

Get more and spend less with IdealPath's usage-based pricing.

Learn more about how IdealPath works with your needs to get the perfect price for your organization.

Marketing automation that ties directly to your goals.

We give you a unique perspective that competitors can’t – one focused on strategy and not execution.

IdealPath supports all of your existing processes so you can focus on achieving your organizational goals.

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